Jeffrey’s professional experience has focused on managing people and projects in organizations, in assisting teams of technologists to form and in leading them to achieve the organization’s business goals. His present professional ventures center around a startup in the east side of Cleveland to provide technologists in the area with a professional workplace alternative from the Fortune 500 cube farm and the local coffee shop.

A firm believer in the inherent value of each person, Jeffrey looks to challenge the individuals and groups he works with to creatively attack problems, develop unique approaches to providing solutions and deliver value to the business. Sometimes though, a person’s value is to a different organization and it’s important to recognize when that person must move on.

Jeffrey’s formal education includes a degree from Austin College, focusing on computer science and Spanish. Since then, his learning experiences have included being a consultant for a dot-com in its heyday, practicing Unix administration at a Fortune 500 company and managing operations and engineering teams there. These opportunities have allowed him to fine-tune his skills in managing diverse groups of technologists in successfully leveraging a variety of technologies.

These days, when not building his business, Jeffrey tries not to be found by heading out on the water in his backyard-built sailboat or taking a long hike through any woods he can locate. Usually with his family.


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